I bought some things from Istanbul I want to share with you! If you can’t find the right length for jeans like me, then visit Mavi Jeans! Mavi Jeans specializes in jeans that fit you in both width and height. I bought 4 nice denim jeans from there. My gray sweater and checkered pants are from Mango. I bought the green and black blouse from ZARA because I love basic blouses that just sit on point! The bag I got was from the store TwentyOne, which is a really nice one I had not visited before. The bag is a nice size to get all of my stuff in. I had to look through 4 Koton stores to get my yellow mustard coat, which I am overly happy with. Therefore, do not despair when you fall in love with a coat. I know about the hunt it can create!


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